Wednesday, November 22, 2006

IQONS launch party

Useless Magazine 's Conrad and Adrien

Hat Designer Victoria Grant

Gallerist Pablo de la Barra with fashion blogger Diane Pernet

IQONS is a new fashion community website that aims to have same impact on fashion as MySpace had on music. Yesterday night I went to the London Avant Première Party Featuring DJ's: Giles Deacon and Hazel Robinson, Richard Battye (The George and Dragon), Richard Mortimer (Boombox), Jerry Bouthier (Boombox), Princess Julia, Pippa ShopGirl Live performance from Pam Hogg. I attach some photos.


Diane said...

Thanks Angelo, you got your images up faster than I did. Best, Diane

Angelo Plessas said...

blogaddiction! Your blog is awesome! xxxx

Diane said...

I love that. xxxDiane

rafael8 said...

Nice pictures Angelo. It was nice to meet you! Rafael